Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
oCspunQGlobal initialization/configuration of the framework
oCspunQ_AnyTypeThe 'any' type
oCspunQ_ArchiveFileAn abstract archive-file class
oCspunQ_ArrayLengthValidatorEnsures that a returned array's size is within given limits
oCspunQ_ArraySessionA session implementation using an array reference
oCspunQ_ArrayTypeThe array type
oCspunQ_BacktraceWrapper for the php function debug_backtrace()
oCspunQ_BacktraceSliceA slice for the spunQ_Backtrace
oCspunQ_BadArgumentCountErrorThrown if a magic function was called with the wrong number of parameters
oCspunQ_BooleanFieldA field handling booleans
oCspunQ_BooleanTypeThe boolean type
oCspunQ_BufferingHeaderAndFooterManagerHeader/Footer strategy using output buffering
oCspunQ_BuiltinTypeA type that is predefined by the spunQ framework
oCspunQ_CacheBufferA cache caching cached values
oCspunQ_CachedLoggerReduces the number of log attempts onto a log target
oCspunQ_CacheInterfaceBase class for alternative interfaces to cache objects
oCspunQ_CallbackGeneric callback class that can hold parameters to the actual callbacks
oCspunQ_CallbackSorterCollection of sorting functions using callbacks
oCspunQ_CheckedValidatorVerifies that the returned value is not null
oCspunQ_ChoiceFieldA field that allows choosing a sub-set of predefined values
oCspunQ_ChoiceFieldExceptionAn Exception occuring in a ChoiceField
oCspunQ_CollectionTypeParent class for the two builtin collection types (array and map)
oCspunQ_ConfigurationConfiguration for the spunQ framework
oCspunQ_ConfigurationErrorThrown if the configuration of the frameqwork is bogus
oCspunQ_ConsoleLogTargetA LogTarget that prints messages to stdout
oCspunQ_ConstantMultipleChoiceFieldA MultipleChoiceField that gets its options from constants of a class
oCspunQ_ConstantSingleChoiceFieldA SingleChoiceField that gets its options from constants of a class
oCspunQ_CronResponsible for managing repetitive tasks
oCspunQ_CryptoClass for cryptographic functions
oCspunQ_CurrentHttpRequestWrapper for lots of global variables
oCspunQ_CurrentModuleBasedCssCollectorCss collector for the module the request is for
oCspunQ_CurrentModuleBasedJsCollectorJs collector for the module the request is for
oCspunQ_DatabaseExceptionIndicates an exception in the database module
oCspunQ_DataObjectAll serializable objects need to inherit from this class
oCspunQ_DateAndTimeBaseSmall date class for handling date & time values
oCspunQ_DateFieldA field handling spunQ_Date objects
oCspunQ_DateRangeValidatorValidator for date ranges in forms & fields
oCspunQ_DateTimeFieldA field handling spunQ_DateTime objects
oCspunQ_DateTimeTypeThe date and time type
oCspunQ_DateTypeThe date type
oCspunQ_dbCommon functions for the db module
oCspunQ_DefaultFormFactoryThe default form factory
oCspunQ_DefaultUrlManagerThe default url manager of spunQ
oCspunQ_DefaultUrlManagerArrayTypeHandlerManager for array types
oCspunQ_DefaultUrlManagerBooleanTypeHandlerManager for boolean types
oCspunQ_DefaultUrlManagerDateTypeHandlerManager for date types
oCspunQ_DefaultUrlManagerFactoryFactory for spunQ's default url manager
oCspunQ_DefaultUrlManagerMapTypeHandlerManager for map types
oCspunQ_DefaultUrlManagerStringTypeHandlerManager for string types
oCspunQ_DefaultUrlManagerUrlTemplateUrl template of the default url manager
oCspunQ_DefaultUrlManagerUrlTemplatePartTemplate part for the default url manager
oCspunQ_DefaultUrlManagerUserTypeHandlerManager for user types
oCspunQ_DelayedSessionManagerSession manager that initializes only if the current session is requested
oCspunQ_DeleteQueryA generic delete query
oCspunQ_DocumentationErrorThrown if the documentation to an entity is incomplete or bogus
oCspunQ_DummySessionA blank session that throws away everything at the end of the PHP life-cycle
oCspunQ_EmailSyntaxValidatorValidator for email syntax
oCspunQ_ErrorExceptions that are thrown because of a programming error
oCspunQ_ExceptionOur custom exception class
oCspunQ_ExternalApplicationFailureExceptionThrown when an operation on an external application fails
oCspunQ_FieldGroupA group of fields, combined into a field
oCspunQ_FieldIteratorA field allowing a recurring occurance of another field
oCspunQ_FieldValidatorField validator parent providing some default implementations
oCspunQ_FileA class describing a file
oCspunQ_FileFormatExceptionThrown when a file does not have the expected format
oCspunQ_FileHasNoAliasExceptionThrown if no alias for a file could be found
oCspunQ_FileLogTargetA LogTarget for files
oCspunQ_FileNodeClass representing an object in the file system
oCspunQ_FolderA class describing a folder
oCspunQ_FormThe top-most FieldContainer
oCspunQ_FormFactoryA factory object that creates forms
oCspunQ_FrameworkErrorThrown if an error within the framework was encountered
oCspunQ_GrammarSimple class for transforming words from singular to plural and vice versa
oCspunQ_GroupA group classifying users
oCspunQ_GroupCreatorWill create a group for each user in the database
oCspunQ_GzipFileA class describing a Gzip file
oCspunQ_htmlGlobal configurations/functions for the spunQ.html module
oCspunQ_HtmlExceptionAn exception thrown by the html module
oCspunQ_HtmlPopupLogTargetA log target displaying events in an html popup
oCspunQ_HttpBrowserCommon functions for browsing the world wide web
oCspunQ_HttpBrowserRequestA http request to be sent
oCspunQ_HttpBrowserResponseThe response to a http request done through a spunQ_HttpBrowserRequest
oCspunQ_HttpClientBrowserInformationInformation about the browser of an HTTP client
oCspunQ_HttpClientInformationInformation about the client sending an http request
oCspunQ_HttpClientOsInformationInformation about the operating system of an HTTP client
oCspunQ_HttpEntryPointAn entry point to the application for HTTP connections
oCspunQ_HttpEntryPointNotFoundExceptionThrown if an unknown entry point was requested
oCspunQ_HttpResponseA response to a spunQ_IHttpRequest
oCspunQ_HttpResponseCookieA response cookie
oCspunQ_IArchiveHandlerAn interface to archive handlers
oCspunQ_IConfigurationAn interface for objects providing configuration options
oCspunQ_ICssPostProcessorInterface for css post processors
oCspunQ_IDatabaseConnectionProvides access to a database
oCspunQ_IDatabaseConnectionFactoryA Factory that can create
oCspunQ_IDatabaseInstantiationListenerObserver for generation of spunQ_IDatabaseConnections
oCspunQ_IDatabaseListenerObserver interface for database actions
oCspunQ_IDefaultUrlManagerTypeHandlerHandler for a specific type of variable
oCspunQ_IFieldA field in a form
oCspunQ_IFieldContainerA container for spunQ_IFields
oCspunQ_IFieldValidatorValidates a submitted spunQ value
oCspunQ_IFieldValueConverterConverts application values to raw values and vice versa
oCspunQ_IFileAllows access to files
oCspunQ_IFileNodeInterface for accessing an object in the file system
oCspunQ_IFolderExtension of spunQ_IFileNode with folder-specific accessors
oCspunQ_IFormValidatorValidator for forms
oCspunQ_IHeaderAndFooterManagerStrategy for dealing with headers() and footer()
oCspunQ_IHtmlPostProcessorInterface for html post processors
oCspunQ_IHttpClientBrowserInformationInformation about the browser of an HTTP client
oCspunQ_IHttpClientOsInformationInformation about the operating system of an HTTP client
oCspunQ_IHttpEntryPointAn entry point to the application for HTTP connections
oCspunQ_IHttpRequestAn HTTP request
oCspunQ_IHttpRequestRouterA router that produces a response for an http request
oCspunQ_IJsPostProcessorInterface for javascript minifiers
oCspunQ_IllegalTypeDescriptorExceptionThrown when a string that was supposed to describe a type does not describe a type
oCspunQ_IllegalValueExceptionThrown if a value does not match the expected type
oCspunQ_ILogTargetInterface for object capable of logging events
oCspunQ_IMutexInterface for mutex implementations
oCspunQ_InfiniteRecursionExceptionThrown if an infinite recursion is detected
oCspunQ_InitializationErrorThrown when the initialization of the framework failed
oCspunQ_InsertQueryA generic insert query
oCspunQ_IntegerFieldA field handling integers
oCspunQ_IntegerFieldConverterConverter for integer values
oCspunQ_IntegerTypeThe integer type
oCspunQ_InvalidArgumentErrorThrow when an invalid argument was passed to a function
oCspunQ_InvalidObjectExceptionThrown if an invalid StorableObject was detected
oCspunQ_InvalidPropertyExceptionThrown if an invalid property was requested for an object
oCspunQ_InvalidRawValueExceptionAn exception thrown if the raw value of a field has an unexpected type
oCspunQ_InvalidVariableExceptionThrown if an invalid variable value is encountered
oCspunQ_IOExceptionThrown when accessing a node on the file system fails unexpectedly
oCspunQ_IPageCacheA cache for page content
oCspunQ_IPLStatementA statement in hte spunQ-specific property language (PL)
oCspunQ_ISessionAn array of consecutive HTTP requests
oCspunQ_ISessionManagerManager for HTTP sessions
oCspunQ_ITemplateCacheA cache for template content
oCspunQ_ITemporaryFileProviderHandler for files that will be presented in forms
oCspunQ_ITypeMemberStorageThe Storage engine managing a type member
oCspunQ_ITypeParserInterface for generating spunQ_LocalUserType objects out of doc comments
oCspunQ_ITypeStorageAn object that manages the storage of a type
oCspunQ_IUrlManagerResponsible for creating/parsing urls for spunQ_HttpEntryPoints
oCspunQ_IUrlManagerFactoryFactory for url managers
oCspunQ_IUrlTemplateTemplate for an http link, defined as @url in the entry point
oCspunQ_IUrlTemplatePartPart of a url template
oCspunQ_JQueryValidationRuleData container for a jquery validation rule
oCspunQ_LanguagePerforms language localization
oCspunQ_LocaleA locale definition
oCspunQ_LocalizedErrorThe Error counterpart of spunQ_MultiLangException
oCspunQ_LocalizedExceptionAn exception that has a localized message
oCspunQ_LocalTemporaryFileProviderHandles locally stored temporary files
oCspunQ_LocalUserTypeA locally defined user type
oCspunQ_LoggerSpunQ logging facility
oCspunQ_LoggerRuleA rule for the logger
oCspunQ_LoginUserA user of the application
oCspunQ_LogTargetAn object that performs the actual logging
oCspunQ_MapA dictionary class that will map one type of value to another
oCspunQ_MapTypeThe map type
oCspunQ_MemberA member of a type
oCspunQ_MemberStorageAn abstract class that will store the members of a dataobject
oCspunQ_MissingVariableExceptionThrown if not enough variables have been provided for a page
oCspunQ_ModuleA module to the spunQ framework
oCspunQ_ModuleBasedCssCollectorDisplays all css files required by predefined modules
oCspunQ_MultipleChoiceFieldAllows choosing multiple options from a predefined list
oCspunQ_MutexMutex implementation using file locking
oCspunQ_NotNullValidatorVerifies that the returned value is not null
oCspunQ_NullLogTargetIgnores all events
oCspunQ_NumericTypeCommon parent for all numeric builtin types
oCspunQ_ObjectFieldA field handling spunQ_StorableObjects
oCspunQ_OutputBufferWrapper around php's output buffering system
oCspunQ_ParentTypeStorageNotFoundExceptionThrown if the parent type storage of a type storage was not found
oCspunQ_PhpErrorAn error generated by PHP as an exception (for easier error handling)
oCspunQ_PhpErrorLogTargetA LogTarget that prints messages to the php error log
oCspunQ_PhpSessionA session within PHP's built-in session manager
oCspunQ_PhpSessionManagerWrapper for PHP's built-in session manager
oCspunQ_PhpZipHandlerA class which implements zipfile handling using php's builtin zip commands
oCspunQ_PLAndConditionA list of statments, combined with a boolean AND
oCspunQ_PopupA popup that will created using javascript
oCspunQ_PreparedTemplateA template in combination with its variable values
oCspunQ_ProcessInterface to external applications
oCspunQ_PropertyPathExceptionException generated while processing a property path
oCspunQ_QueryExceptionAn exception encountered while querying the database
oCspunQ_QueryPagerA query pager that does all the boilerplate stuff
oCspunQ_ReadonlyMapImplementation of spunQ_Map that will throw an exception on modification
oCspunQ_RealTypeThe double type
oCspunQ_ReflectionTypeParserA typeParser that uses Reflection for extracting type information
oCspunQ_RegexValidatorRegexValidator validateing a string agains a regex should stay abstract
oCspunQ_SectionedConfigFileA config file type for shallow hierachies
oCspunQ_SelectQueryA generic select query
oCspunQ_SessionTemporaryFileProviderHandles temporary files being stored in the session
oCspunQ_SetTypeThe set type
oCspunQ_SingleChoiceFieldAllows choosing one from predefined options
oCspunQ_SourceFolderA folder that can filter source files
oCspunQ_SQLiteCacheA cache using a SQLite file
oCspunQ_StorableObjectBase class for any data object that can be stored in a database
oCspunQ_StringLengthValidatorValidates string lengths for UTF-8 strings
oCspunQ_StringTypeA string consisting of multibyte characters
oCspunQ_SyslogLogTargetA LogTarget that prints messages to the system's logging facility
oCspunQ_TaggingHeaderAndFooterManagerHeader/Footer strategy using tagging and string replacement
oCspunQ_TemplateA template folder
oCspunQ_TemplateAndPageCacheA simple cache for pages and templates
oCspunQ_TemporaryFileProviderSingleton temporary file provider
oCspunQ_TextFieldA common field for handling text
oCspunQ_TidyPostProcessorOutput beautifier using tidy
oCspunQ_TimeFieldA field handling spunQ_DateTime objects
oCspunQ_TimeTypeThe time type
oCspunQ_TypeObjects of this class describe types
oCspunQ_TypeMismatchExceptionThrown if a different type was received than expected
oCspunQ_TypeNotFoundExceptionThrown if a requested type was not found
oCspunQ_UndefinedClassErrorThrown when an undefined class would have been instantiated
oCspunQ_UndefinedMemberErrorThrown when an undefined member was accessed
oCspunQ_UndefinedMethodErrorThrown when an undefined method is invoked
oCspunQ_UniqueMemberValidatorAssures that a value does not exist in the database
oCspunQ_UnresolvedAliasExceptionThrown if an alias could not be resolved to its file/folder
oCspunQ_UpdateQueryA generic update query
oCspunQ_UrlManagerManages url managers
oCspunQ_UrlSyntaxValidatorValidator for URL syntax
oCspunQ_UserA user of the application
oCspunQ_UserTypeA user-defined type, whether defined locally or imported
oCspunQ_WormholeUrlManagerUrl manager for spunQ's wormhole pages (for css and js)
oCspunQ_WormholeUrlManagerFactoryFactory for spunQ's wormhole url manager
oCspunQ_WrapperParent class for classes providing the API of wrapped members
oCspunQ_ZipFileA class which describes a zipfile
\CspunQ_ZipHandlerAn abstract class for zipfile handling